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An Authentic Alternative to Conventional Treatment

Who We Are

Family Inspired Recovery is an Alternative Peer Group providing positive peer engagement through prosocial activities, family engagement, and both group and individual counseling. We have found that success in teenage recovery depends upon relatability. As a result, we sought to develop a staff and a community that has experienced sobriety at a young age and can relate to the difficulties that come with it. So often, recovery can feel institutionalized and short term. We developed this with that problem specifically in mind. Creating a long-term solution that feels organic in nature. We will create a safe therapeutic environment and work as a team to develop a plan specific to your family’s needs. Our focus is on the teenager as an individual, the family as a whole, and how we can best help everyone grow together.

What We Do

Alternative Peer Group

Family Inspired Recovery is focused on the Alternative Peer Group Model (APG)…

Social Activities

The biggest trigger for a teenager to use is boredom. We take that away by providing…


When teenagers are able to get away from their phones and regular routines we find that they are…


Our counseling sessions are provided by licensed professionals. With your teen and family members…

An Authentic Alternative to Conventional Treatment

An Alternative Peer Group (APG) is a community-based, family-centered, professionally staffed, positive peer support program that offers prosocial activities, counseling, and case-management for adolescents who struggle with substance use disorders or self-destructive behaviors. APGs are a much better fit for the adolescent who struggles with substance use and co-occurring disorders because the main focus is to offer and shape a new peer group that utilizes positive peer pressure to stay in recovery. In addition, APGs focus on making sobriety more fun than using by organizing and staffing after-school sober social functions throughout the week, weekends, and summers.

Our Mission & Approach

At FIR we strive to help families grow together and assist teenagers in achieving sobriety through a safe and healthy peer group. FIR focuses on helping teenagers develop a healthy lifestyle through counseling, peer support, and physical activity. Nature is important to us here at FIR and we believe that part of growth is developing compassion and gratitude. We support our teens connecting with nature through hiking, rock climbing, camping, and backpacking. Fir trees, while they look like they stand alone, are connected through a complex system of roots. This makes them able to withstand many hardships that would easily devastate other plants.

Growing together is our core value with the understanding that change comes from support and compassion.

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