Family Inspired Recovery


A Family Centered Approach to Conventional and Holistic Recovery

At FIR, we strive to create a proactive environment where adolescents experiencing substance use/misuse and other high-risk behaviors can receive recovery support through a family-centered, professionally staffed, peer-supported proven holistic model of recovery support.

Family Inspired Recovery, an Alternative Peer Group Model

and initiative of Community Living Above a non-profit organization

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These are a few of the services Family Inspired Recovery offers

Alternative Peer Group

Social Activities

Therapeutic Oversight

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What is an Alternative Peer Group

The Alternative Peer Group – APG models  was designed to address the emotional, psychological, spiritual and social needs of teens struggling with substance use disorders. By integrating peer support and fellowship with clinical oversight, the APG model has proven to be an effective intervention to address substance use/misuse by youth. APGs also welcome participation, communication, and continued relationships with any therapist, psychiatrist or referring professional who is connected to the client prior and during enrollment.

An Alternative Peer Group (APG) is a community-based, family-centered, professionally staffed, positive peer support program that offers prosocial activities, and case-management for adolescents who struggle with substance use disorders or self-destructive behaviors. APGs are a much better fit for the adolescent who struggles with substance use and co-occurring disorders because the main focus is to offer and shape a new peer group that utilizes positive peer pressure to stay in recovery. In addition, APGs focus on making sobriety more fun than using by organizing and staffing after-school sober social functions throughout the week, weekends, and summers.

For FIR it started with the documentary Generation Found and ended with the first of its kind youth recovery support in our state.  Join us as we engage, educate, and empower each other to find that hope and healing are possible when we work together.

FIR is a member of the Association of Alternative Peer Groups.